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Who is an agency worker?


  • EstEmploy OÜ has a customer who is in the construction business in Finland. They need a new construction worker who can install plasterboard and carry out other construction work for half a year
  • EstEmploy OÜ will find an experienced employee and concludes an employment contract with him
  • After that the agency worker will start working for the client and will follow their daily instructions
  • EstEmploy OÜ will pay wages depending on the hours worked and will deal with other day-to-day processes

An agency worker is a fixed-term employee who is sent to work at the user company. The employer is EstEmploy, an employment agency that

  • Will enter into a fixed-term employment contract with you
  • Send you to work at our client’s place at the agreed time
  • Pays you wages according to the contract
  • Pays taxes added to your wage in Estonia and Finland
  • Deals with the problems you may have
  • Finds accommodation for you and compensates other costs if needed
  • Ends the employment contract with you if needed

How do you benefit from it?

Your advantages as an agency worker:

  1. You no longer have to deal with the stress of looking for a job. EstEmploy will do it for You and will find the right job for You
  2. Your work is varied. The employer may change over time, which reduces the mundane routine and brings interesting variety
  3. Your salary as an agency worker is competitive. Your salary is the same or even higher than that of a full-time employee
  4. We deal with all Your concerns. EstEmploy is constantly working with the questions regarding Your salary, holidays or employment. Always
  5. Your salary will always be deposited on Your account at the agreed time. Our employees are motivated because they know that their salary always arrives on time.
  6. We strictly adhere to our promises and agreements. We respect the agreements and promises made, and we expect the same from You.

As an agency worker, Your salary is as high as it would otherwise be. Life is just easier!

We are the ones finding work for You. You just have to join us, start work when we find a suitable job and start earning money.

EstEmploy will provide You with the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Finding accommodation for you and related activities
  • Our support with managing documents and paperwork
  • We always deal with Your concerns and day-to-day issues, even after the contract has ended.
  • We will guarantee 100% financial help to You in case of work accidents. All employees of EstEmploy OÜ are insured by an insurance company.


An agency worker contract provides the same rights as a full-time employment contract!

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Contract with an Estonian company versus contract with a Finnish company

Please note!

There are several myths about the Finnish pension!

In Finland, 1.5% of the employee’s annual salary for each year of employment is paid as pension. If a person works for 5 years with a gross salary of €2000, a pension of €150 per month will be paid to a person at the age of 65.

Social tax + pensionPaid to EstoniaPaid to Finland
Living expensespaid by the employerpaid by the employee
Boat ticketspaid by the employerpaid by the employee
Fuel compensationpaid by the employerpaid by the employee
Employer's support with paperworkpaid by the employeeis taken care of by the employer
Wage after expenseshigherlower

This is an example and the conditions may vary according to the situation

What employees say about us

Common questions and answers

In Finland and in the rest of the world, agency workers make up a very large part of the working-age population. Employment agencies take care of them and guarantee work in one or the other company.

Agency workers are highly valued in Finland and they are valued as much as full-time employees. Agency work is also to some extent a lifestyle and is very suitable for those who constantly want change and different tasks. At the same time, there is agency work that lasts for a year or longer.

Estonian unskilled and skilled workers are becoming more and more valued because both Estonians and Finns come from the same cultural background. It has become a valuable nuance in recent times when Finland has started to import workers from Romania, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries. This has increased the value of Estonians even more because we are culturally more like Finns than Eastern Europeans.

Companies are increasingly starting to use agency workers, because in a rapidly changing economic environment it is difficult to predict the development of a company either in a positive or negative direction. Thus, agency workers are a good solution for the company to secure employees for the period that the company needs them the most.

Companies have also begun to cut down on full-time positions to optimise their costs while responding quickly to changes in the situation by using agency workers.

Employees are paid on the basis of hours worked. The hours worked are recorded on recording sheets and, after a person in charge signs it, the wage is transferred.

The wage is paid every two weeks starting from the first working day.  The wage always reaches the employee at the time agreed in the employment contract without any exceptions!

The duration of work depends on the customer and the specificities of work or occupation. The shortest period for which EstEmploy provides agency workers is one month.

From experience, we can say that on average, one job with one employer lasts about 4–6 months. At the same time, there are always exceptions, and some agency workers can work for the same employer for two years

Seasonal summer work usually lasts from the beginning of June to September.

It also often happens that the period of work with the same employer lasts for longer and in the end the Finnish company offers a direct contract. Then it is up to the employee to decide who he wants to work for in the future.

Our core values are our employees, and we respect them. Hence, the well-being of workers and high work morale are important to us. We always accommodate our staff in 2-room apartments, with a maximum of two people. This means that people always have their own room.

The workers can live in the apartments for free. Apartment rent is not deducted from employee’s wage!

Apartments are furnished, including a washing machine and other appliances. The apartment must be taken care of prudently and cared for continuously. The apartment has to be meticulously cleaned when moving out.

Working conditions and culture are very different from what we are used to in Estonia. Working conditions vary according to the employer, but given Finland’s strict regulations on working conditions, these are generally very good. Problems or tasks that do not fall under the qualifications of the employee must be reported immediately to EstEmploy.

As a rule, the Finnish employer wants a three-week working period, after which the employee comes to have a holiday in Estonia for a week.

Two-week cycles are also popular, after which the employee comes to rest at home for a week.

However, people working near Helsinki often go home for long weekends – for example from Thursday night until Sunday. This is because it only takes two hours from Helsinki to Estonia, and there is no need for a private car when working in the vicinity of Helsinki.

But there are exceptions here too and often the work period in Finland is agreed between the Finnish employer and the employee.

Employees are entitled to holiday and holiday pay. Before you go on holiday you must make a holiday application to your employer (EstEmploy). After the holiday application is confirmed, the employee receives earned holiday pay.

Holiday pay that has been earned is also paid out after the employment contract ends.

The terms of the contract are the same as those of a standard employment contract. The contract of employment specifies that we can send you to work for another company (our client), which means that you are an agency worker in a user company.

Here are two points that matter to the employee:

1. “The employee works as an agency worker in a user company” (e.g. a Finnish construction company). This is how we regulate and let you know that you are an agency worker and will work for our client. PS EstEmploy will always remain the employer and wage payer.

2. “The employment contract is concluded for a specified term or until the completion of the construction site or until the order of the user company ends.” This means that the employment agreement is valid as long as the client has work to offer. When work runs out, it does not mean that we also have to terminate the employment contract with you. Our customer base is large and thanks to this, we are pretty confident that there is always work for good workers.

It always comes in handy if the employee is proficient in Finnish or other languages, but it is not required in certain professions or cases. For example, it is sufficient if a friend or co-worker speaks Finnish. You can also do without language skills in independent and routine work.

Some jobs require proficiency in the Finnish language at the communication level. These may be jobs where the employee has to constantly communicate with a Finnish employer or client (e.g. a waitress at a restaurant, rebar installer at a construction site).

This ensures quality service to the customer and avoids unexpected surprises and inconveniences for You.

The easiest way is to fill out a short form of personal information on our website, which gives us enough information about Your skills and the rest. Your CV will automatically be stored in our database and if necessary, we will contact You.

It is possible to send Your completed CV to our e-mail address:

Or You can ask for information about job offers by calling +372 6 019 029

When we have found a suitable candidate for the job, we invite the employee to a job interview. The purpose of the interview is both for You and for us. We want to see who we are recruiting and You definitely want to see who You are going to work for.

During the job interview we will go through your personal information form and introduce You to the new job, employment contract and salary conditions.

You shouldn’t be surprised about questions regarding Your alcohol consumption habits etc. In this respect, we are extremely tough – there is zero tolerance for alcohol at work. Thanks to this, we can provide a high quality service to our customer and at the same time be sure that we can offer our employees the same job next time.

People in our team are:

– loyal
– trustworthy
– honest
– with high work morale
– active
– polite to others and themselves
– dedicated to work and respectful of work culture

If you find that you have these qualities, we promise to treat You exactly in the same way. Welcome to our team!

As a rule, the recruitment process takes 1–2 weeks.

Job offers


We are constantly looking for new hard-working people. Main areas of work where there is always demand:

  • General builder
  • Concrete layer
  • Rebar installer
  • Carpenter
  • Interior finisher
  • Painter
  • Manufacturer of concrete elements
  • Metal workers
  • Chef and Sous chef
  • Customer service representative

The list is not final and we will definitely find a job that suits Your skills!