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Who is a rented worker?

A rented worker is a worker employed under a fixed-term employment contract who is sent to work at a user company. The employer is the labour mediation firm EstEmploy, who will:

Conclude a fixed-term employment contract with you
Send you to work for our client at the agreed time
Pay you the contractual salary
Pay the taxes added to your salary in Estonia and Finland
Manage your current issues and problems if necessary
Organise a place to stay for you and compensate for other expenses if necessary
Terminate the employment contract with you if necessary


  • EstEmploy OÜ has a client who is involved in construction work in Finland. This client requires a new construction worker for half a year who can install plasterboard and perform other construction works.
  • EstEmploy OÜ finds the employee with this experience and concludes an employment contract with them.
  • After this, the rented worker starts work with the client and follows the client’s orders for day-to-day work.
  • EstEmploy OÜ pays the salary based on the number of hours worked and takes care of other ongoing topics.

What is your gain?

Your net salary is not lower as a rented worker.

We will handle the job search for you. All you have to do is join us and once the suitable job is found, to start work and earn the salary.

EstEmploy ensures the following services for you:
Finding a place to live and handling any related issues
Our support in dealing with documents and papers
We will always take care of any of your worries and current problems also after the contract expires.
In the case of an accident at work, we will ensure you 100% financial support (all employees of EstEmploy OÜ are insured by an insurance company).

A rented work contract ensures the same rights as a full-time employment contract.

Your advantages as a rented worker:

1. You no longer have to worry about searching for a job. EstEmploy does this for you and will find the job that suits you.
2. Your job is varied. The employer may change over time, thus decreasing routine.
3. Your salary as a rented worker is competitive. Your salary is equal to or greater than the salary of a full-time employee.
4. We will handle any of your problems. EstEmploy will always deal with any issues concerning your salary, holidays or work.
5. Your salary will be paid on the time agreed upon. Our employees are motivated because their salary always comes on time.
6. We will strictly adhere to all of our promises and agreements. We honour our agreements and expect you to do the same!

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A contract with an Estonian versus a contract with a Finnish company

Net salary
10-13 EUR/h
7-12 EUR/h
Social tax + pension
received in Estonia
received in Finland
Living expenses
paid by the employer
paid by the employee
Ship tickets
paid by the employer
paid by the employee
Fuel compensation
paid by the employer
paid by the employee
Employer’s support in handling matters
managed by the employer
managed by the employee
This is an example and the conditions may vary depending on the situation.

Bear in mind!

There are a lot of myths concerning pension in Finland. In Finland, 1.5% of the annual salary is calculated for the employee as pension for each employed year. During 5 years of employment for the gross salary €2,000, the pension will be €150 per month and it will be received from age 65 onwards.

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Job offers

We are constantly seeking for new hard-working people. The main areas of work which are always in demand:

In the field of construction, we are seeking for:

  • General construction worker
  • Concrete worker
  • Reinforcement worker
  • Carpenter
  • Interior finishing worker
  • Painter

For industries, we are seeking for:

  • Manufacturer of concrete parts
  • Metal worker


  • Chef
  • Assistant chef
  • Customer service representative

The list is not exhaustive and we will certainly also find a job that suits your skills.

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The message sent through this form is forwarded to Priit (Human Resources Manager). Do not hesitate to let us know about your questions or desires, we will find the solutions.
+372 50 72 099

Frequently asked questions

What is the attitude towards rented workers in Finland?

In Finland and elsewhere in the world, rented workers form a very large part of the working-age population. They are handled by job mediation firms who constantly secure them with work in some company or another.

In Finland, rented workers are highly valued and regarded just as well as full-time employees. Being a rented worker is a lifestyle to a certain degree and is very well suited for people who want constant changes and various tasks. At the same time, there are also rented positions that last for a year or even longer.

Estonian manual and skilled labour is becoming increasingly respected, as Estonians and Finns come from the same cultural background. This has changed in recent years in particular, as workers from Romania, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries have been begun to be imported to Finland. As a result, Estonians have begun to be increasingly valued because culturally, we are more similar than Eastern Europeans.

How has rented labour developed in recent years?

Companies have begun to use rented workers to an increasing degree because the development of a company towards the positive or negative is difficult to predict in the rapidly changing economic environment. Therefore, rented labour is a good solution for the company to ensure employees for the period when the company needs them most.

For these reasons, companies have also begun to decrease full-time positions in order to optimise their costs and at the same time, quickly react to changes in the situation with the use of rented labour.

How do salary payments work?

The employee is paid based on the number of hours worked. The completed hours are marked on hour sheets and the salary transfer is performed on the basis of the signature of the responsible person on the hour sheet.

Salary is paid every two weeks starting from the first day of work. The salary reaches the employee for the time agreed upon in the employment contract every time without exceptions.

For how long is work guaranteed and are there opportunities to work overtime?

The duration of work depends on the client and the specificities of the work and profession. The shortest period for which EstEmploy rents an employee is 1 month and longer.

Based on experience, we can say that the average work relationship with one employer lasts for about 4-6 months. At the same time, exceptions come up all the time and we currently have employees who have been working for the same employer for two years.

Seasonal summer work usually lasts from the start of June to September.

It also often happens that the working period for the same employer lasts longer and eventually the client offers a direct contract with the Finnish company. Then it will be up to the employee to decide who they want to keep working for.

What are the living and working conditions?

Our main value is our employees and we respect them. Therefore, their welfare and high work morals are important for us. We always accommodate our employees in at least two-room apartments where a maximum of two people live. This means that everyone always has their own room.

Living in the apartment is free of charge for the employee. The rent is not deducted from the salary!
Apartments are furnished and equipped with a washing machine and other appliances if necessary.
The apartments must be treated prudently and constantly taken care of. They must be cleaned thoroughly before moving out.

Working conditions and the work culture largely differ from what we are used to in Estonia. Working conditions vary depending on the employer, but considering the strict labour regulations of Finland, the overall working conditions are excellent.

EstEmploy must be immediately notified of any problems or tasks which the employee is not qualified for.

How often can I travel to Estonia?

As a rule, the Finnish employer wants the working period to last for three weeks, after which the employee comes to Estonia for a week-long break.

Two-week cycles are also common, followed by the employee coming home for a week-long break.

At the same time, people working around Helsinki often come home so that they spend long weekends at home – for example, from Thursday night to Sunday. This is because Helsinki is only two hours away from Estonia and working near Helsinki also does not require the use of a personal car.

Exceptions are also seen here and the period of working in Finland is often based on agreement between the Finnish employer and the employee.

What about holidays?

The employee has the right to take a holiday and collect a holiday fee. When going on a holiday, the holiday application must be filed with the employer (EstEmploy). After the application is satisfied, the holiday pay is paid to the employee.

The holiday earned is also paid after the expiry of the employment contract.

What are the terms of contract?

The terms of contract are generally the same as in a regular employment contract. The employment contract specifies that we can send you to work for another company (our client, e.g. a hotel) which means being a rented worker in a user company.

Here are two points that are important for the employee:
1. “The employee works as a rented worker in the user company” (e.g. a Finnish construction company). This way, we regulate and declare that you are a rented worker and will start work for our client. NB! The employer and the authority paying the salary will always be EstEmploy.

2. “The employment contract has been concluded for a specified term or until the completion of the object or the expiry of order of the user company.” This means that the employment contract lasts as long as the client has work to offer. When the work ends, it does not mean that we also have to terminate the employment contract with you. Since we have a big customer base, we are quite confident that there is always work for a good worker.

Will I do fine if I do not speak Finnish?

It is always useful for the employee to speak Finnish or other languages, but often it is not required for certain professions or cases. It may be enough for a friend or colleague to speak Finnish. Language skills are also not necessary for independent and routine work.

However, communication competence in Finnish is required for some positions. These may be jobs where the employee needs to interact with the Finnish employer or client on a regular basis (e.g. restaurant service staff, reinforcement worker at construction).

We recommend being honest about your language skills. This ensures quality service for the client and the employee will also not have to deal with unexpected surprises and unpleasantries.

How does the recruitment process work?

The easiest way is to fill in the short form on our website, which provides us enough information about your skills etc. Your résumé is automatically saved in our database and we will contact you when necessary.

You may also send your complete résumé to our e-mail address:

Or ask about job offers by calling us at +372 6 019 029

What is asked at interviews?

Once we have found the suitable candidate for a job, we will invite the person in for a job interview. The goal of the interview is necessary for both of us. Namely, we want to see who we are recruiting and you will certainly want to see who you will be working for.

At the job interview, we will go through your data form and introduce the new job and the terms of contract and salary.

Do not be put off by questions which are for example concerned with your attitude towards alcohol, etc. In this regard, we are extremely strict – we have a complete zero tolerance policy at work. This enables us to provide quality service to our customers and also be sure that we can offer the same job to our employees the next time.

What is sought in employees?

Our team employs people who are:

– Loyal
– Reliable
– Honest
– With high work morals
– Active
– Polite to themselves and others
– Committed and dedicated to work culture

If you believe that you have all these properties then we promise that we will treat you exactly the same way as well. Welcome to our team!

How quickly will I start work?

As a rule, the recruitment process lasts for 1-2 weeks.