Are you looking for an employee with specific skills? We can help you find the specialist you need!

EstEmploy has over 12 years of experience and many contacts to find a good job for a worthy specialist in Finland.

We have a large database of professionals in the construction and industrial sectors. We are able to quickly find the necessary and reliable employee for the employer, either for short-term seasonal work or for a longer period of work.


For the employee:

Are you looking for a profitable job with social security in Finland? We have a solution for you!

For the employer:

Are you looking for a competent specialist? We can help you find an employee with the skills your company needs!


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satisfied employees



There are many myths in the market

There are myths in the market that those who go abroad either do not receive their wages on time or that living conditions are appalling.

However, our employees are our core asset – we are known for always keeping our word and taking fully care of our employees.


How we take care of our employees:

  • Employees receive an employment contract with specific social guarantees.
  • Employees get free transport and residence at their destination.
  • We offer support in an employee’s native language to ensure open communication and that all problems are dealt with effectively.

Contact our client manager and we will find the right solution for you!


There are many misconceptions about workers from abroad – that they are unreliable and do not show up for work or that they disappear quietly. We can guarantee that this is not true. Our employees always go through a background check.

We only employ the best specialists:

  • We check the validity of their certifications.
  • We ensure motivation and commitment.
  • We handle everyday concerns to ensure their full focus on their work.

A medium-sized metal industry company’s experience with EstEmploy:

One of our partners is a medium-sized company in the metal industry whose main activity is manufacturing small metal products. The company employs mostly welders as its workforce.

The new head of the company saw the need to optimise human resources and decided to test collaboration with EstEmploy. The company made EstEmploy their primary provider of workforce solutions for the future based on these two factors: the employees that EstEmploy finds are skilled and have a dedicated work ethic, and it takes significantly less time to manage the workforce in cooperation with EstEmploy.

For the last seven years, about four to six temporary employees have been working for this company through EstEmploy. Good performance has in some cases led the company to offer long-term employment contracts to rental employees found by EstEmploy.

“We consider this to be a very positive sign, which shows that we have
been able to meet all the requirements set by the client for the candidates,”
says Priit Koik, the head of EstEmploy.


Leave the background checks and preliminary work to us!

Finding a reliable employer or finding a good employee can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

EstEmploy has a thoroughly-checked database of employees whose hard work and skills we fully trust.

We also have many good partners in Finland to whom we send our employees with peace of mind knowing that the work environment is fully compliant, the working hours are legally regulated, and they can travel home freely.

We take care of an employee’s accommodation, we help to cover the journey’s expenses, and we also resolve other issues that may arise.

There is nothing easier than finding a great job or a first-class employee through a rental company like ours!